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Bigler Productions teamed up with 4 great wedding vendors to create this 4 part winter bridal spotlight. Part 1 was shot at Angela’s Bridal with shop owner Janet Cooper and Marketing Coordinator Jessica Rekemeyer. The next stop on our winter shoot found us with hair & make-up specialist Alayne Curtiss at Make Me Fabulous in Ballston Spa NY.
“Dave and I had chatted through the look we wanted for our model (Sarah von Ouhl). Sarah is a very outdoorsy girl and Dave was planning the entire shoot to be outside at the Hall of Springs as well as throughout the Spa State Park. So Dave and I decided to give Sarah an ‘Adirondack, outdoors, yet classic editorial look’” remembered Alayne.

Alayne started by doing a wrap curl throughout Sarah’s entire head . Sarah’s hair is fine, but Alayne knew she could pump it up with product and lots of curls going in random directions. She clipped the curls to cool and moved onto makeup. ”When it came to Sarah’s makeup I gave her a classic eye with a pop of color on her lips which is very ‘in’ for spring 2013,” Alayne described.

“After the make up was done, I unclipped her hair and ran my fingers through her curls to give a softer, fuller and more ‘come hither’ relaxed look. I love knots and felt like some tight small knots would add detail yet play well into the outdoorsy relaxed feel that Dave was going for. I wanted a vintage yet undone look for Sarah”

The energy slowly built throughout the 2 hours we were at Make Me Fabulous. This wasn’t a wedding, but the energy in that salon sure felt the same. I love the rush and fun as the excitement builds! The other girls getting their hair done kept asking Alayne to turn Sarah so they could see the progress. We even had spectators stopping on the street outside to watch as Sarah transformed.

Alayne and her entire crew at Make Me Fabulous are great to work with, they do a top notch job and are really fun to work with.; an essential combination when it comes to wedding hair and wedding make-up. After Sarah was all done up, we loaded up the car and headed up to Saratoga to meet with Jess from Angela’s with the dresses and to start our shoot at the Hall of Springs / Spa State Park. I love this! - Dave Bigler